Monday, June 28, 2010

Fresh Tunes

I love when I get one of these beauties as a present. It means I get to spend hours poking around on iTunes finding the next soundtrack to my summer.

This one bought Sleigh Bells and Yeasayer. So far, my favorite Sleigh Bells is Tell 'Em, which you can listen to here - just be sure to turn it up - loud. And my #1 Yeasayer is ONE, thanks to my music guru - Tiffanie. And it's so great that I insist that you watch the video.

Those moves! Are ya kiddin' me?? I've got to learn them by Friday to be able to bust them out at the Get Back in time.

I've got $5.01 left....any suggestions, lovies?


eflippin said...

They were both at Coachella. Awesome.

If you don't have them already, try Florence & The Machine, Big Pink, Little Boots, The XX, Gossip... All good stuff.

Also good link for free weekly downloads courtesy of Urban Outfitters:


X said...

Have you heard Sade's "Soldier of Love" yet? It's a must-have, but what else is new. When you come over for our pool-time one of these upcoming Saturdays I will introduce you to "Distant Relatives." And you will rejoice. :)