Saturday, June 12, 2010

Hair Therapy

Every 6 to 8 weeks I get to totally stop my life for 2-3 hours and sit in a chair and talk to one of my girls while getting pampered.

Therefore, this post is dedicated to Megan at Globe Salon.

I look forward to going in and catching up over a cut and color. Her chair has become my therapy couch and don't even get me started on those shampoo massages.

Girls have the tendency to make a strong bond with their hair stylist, it's what we do. I not only consider Megs my stylist but a girl I would share a drink and a laugh with any time.

She's gotten me through thick and thin, brunette and blonde and short and long. And I always come out looking fabulous thanks to her talents.


James P. Reza said...

And Globe Salon loves you and Megan, so it's just love all around! Thanks for being a great client and friend!

X said...

Big ups to Megan. Your hair is always on point!