Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Joe's Stone Crab

You know that if you ask me where I want to eat, anywhere in the world, money is not an option on this special night, honey....

I am going to say Joe's Stone Crab at Caesar's, of course.

Every. Single. Time. I go there (and lucky for me, that has been quite a few times now), the experience is impeccable. From the wait staff to the bread to the entree to the wine to the dessert...perfection.

For instance, when we arrived last night and checked in under our reservation, the Maitre'd immediately wished me a happy birthday and then they walked us back to the special birthday table. I don't know if this is it's official name but that is the name I gave it.

This is the meal I would eat as my last. We start with a small order of the Stone Crab (mouth-watering) and then comes the Parmesan Crusted Halibut, Jennie's Mashed Potatoes, Pan-Roasted Corn and Green Beans Almadine. All while drinking Fairhill Down Souvignon Blanc. FLAWLESS.

And then they went and brought me out a birthday brownie complete with a candle.

A sincere thank you to my mom and Sam - it was the perfect end to a perfect birthday weekend.

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