Monday, February 11, 2013


Gordon gave me a good scare Saturday morning.

And I deserved it.

For those of you who maybe haven't gotten to hear my lecture about why people cannot leave socks/underwear/other small clothing items lying around when Sir Gordon is present - I will give you the brief on my problem child - I cursed him with the name Sir Gordon Snacks A Lot. Over the years, that has included: socks, blankets and yes - even underwear.

Due to my lack of responsibility upon my return from Steamboat (aka: the shutdown after the breakup), I failed to immediately unpack my suitcase which apparently, Gordon took as an invite for to go digging for a panty buffet.

Of course, the moment I realized what was going on - the suitcase was unpacked and everything was put in it's proper place. Unfortunately, the damage was already done as he threw up four pairs over the course of a week.

So Saturday morning, I was a little late to rise and normally, this little guy is doing his breakfast dance if it's any time past 9 a.m. He seemed to lack some interest and when I put his bowl down in front of him, he walked away.

That, my friends, has only happened once over the past four and a half years.

So I went straight in to Mama Bear mode. I called the vet, had Miranda drive us to my car that we had (responsibly) left on S Broadway and drove out to the Wheat Ridge Animal Hospital.

There, I explained Gordon's history to the technician (who apparently hates the world panty so I apologize if I am offending anyone here with the use of that term), she called triage on us and we were in to see the Doctor within minutes. Upon examination, Gordon seemed to be fine (besides the whole tail between the legs/terrified to be at the vet thing) but we all knew that it was the x-rays we needed to get through.

The Doc threw out some numbers to me and, of course, I just said yes, yes whatever the cost.

Luckily, no foreign objects were found inside Gordon. We were given a full walk-through of the x-rays (kinda cool to see all the working parts inside that doodle), given an anti-nausea medication and were told to call if he was still not eating. The good news? The minute we walked through the front door back at home, Sir Snacks A Lot went straight to his dish and ate up his entire breakfast.

It was (a very expensive) reminder to me that I have a problem child and no matter what is going on in my own life, I need to ensure that my #1 boy is taken care of. So thanks Gordon, for reminding me of what matters the most.


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