Monday, February 18, 2013

Punch Drunk Sunday

I had a pretty low key weekend - well at least low key for KK. Friday night, Aunt Karen was in town so she, Andy and Ang came over for a cocktail hour in my new place and Andy set up my new TV for me (love you, cousin!) before we headed out to dinner. Saturday, rose early to go skiing with the fam and Miss Miranda, too at Copper. Beautiful day, sun was shining, there was actual snow and aside from Andy's yard sale on the first run of the day, we all skied really well together.

Saturday night, the girls and I spent the evening in with every women's crush, Beyonce, with her documentary on HBO - Life Is But a Dream. It was raw, entertaining and empowering. And her love with Jay. Oh, don't even get me started. At one point, they sat singing Coldplay's 'Yellow' to one another and my heart just melted as I thought 'Good for them.'

Sunday, I met Suzy for brunch at my current obsession before heading to do (more) house shopping in preparation for the big Brunch Affair this Sunday.

And then came Punch Drunk Sunday, thanks to Punch Bowl Social's Trace of Peach Punch. Here's something about me - I LOVE PUNCH. If you give me a list of drinks and there is punch on the menu, that will be it for me. Especially when it is served in a punch bowl with a ladle and cute matching cups. Between the punch and a little bowling action, my Sunday went from productive to playful in just an hour. Perhaps a little too playful for a Sunday night - but hey, some people had the holiday off and I pretended I did, too.

That was, until my alarm went off at 7 this morning and reality (read: hangover) sunk in. But celebrating Presidents is totally my style so we'll call this one worth it.

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