Thursday, February 7, 2013

KK's Tool Kit

I recently experienced my second holyshitwheredidthatcomefrom breakup in a year so at this point, I'd say I'm pretty much an expert.

So - heart hurting? Here are my suggestions to get back to feeling like your(sassy)self.

1. A Task Force - a group of girlfriends (or guyfriends) who are willing to listen when you need them to, talk when you don't feel like it, and remind you that no matter how you're feeling in this moment, three months from now - you'll all be sitting on a patio under the summer sun, talking about something (or someone) else.

2. Jamba Juice - that first day, nothing sounds appetizing but your body is telling you it needs something. Enter the power of Jamba.

3. A Treadmill - burn off some of that steam.

4. Beyonce -  so when a song like this comes on, you can listen to her instead and dance it out in your living room.

5. Work - it's true that I couldn't make it to my desk the day after but come the day after the day after, I was ticking through my inbox and getting. things. done.

6. Pen/Paper - I've written more in the past week and a half than I had in six months.

7. Fresh air - sometimes, you've got to just take a walk.

8. An ex - the guy who would tell you something like this. and offer to take you skiing.

9. Pets - for snuggles.

10. A full calendar - a busy body only gets busier when she's afraid what will happen when she stops. #keepgoing

11. Wine - no explanation needed.

12. Delete Contact - because you know that after #11, sometimes you just can't be trusted.

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