Thursday, April 22, 2010

Get Well, Gordie.

So for those of you who haven't seen my gazillion posts on Facebook and Twitter throughout the week, our favorite pup, Sir Gordon Snacks A Lot is in the hospital.

Here is the story....

Gordon started throwing up Monday morning and for the first time in his two years, turned down food. I couldn't him to drink any water or eat any ice cubes so I came home at lunch to find that he had thrown up five more times so I took him to the vet Monday afternoon. He stayed over night on fluids and they took some x-rays but couldn't find anything. Tuesday, they still couldn't get him to eat so they had me come over to try to hand feed him but as soon as I got there, they told me not to give him any food but brought Gordie in to see me and told me the doctor wanted to talk to me. Gordon was definitely happy to see me but certainly not his normal, puppy-like self.

So we hung out and he was puking just yellow bile (sorry) and she came in and told me they took more x-rays and were concerned with what looked like a dilated intestine which could be from a virus or a foreign object that they couldn't see in the x-ray. So we had two options, the first being exploratory surgery (with a $1200 - $1500 price tag), the second being to rush the x-rays over to radiology to see if they could see anything. So we did that and the radiologists were on the fence, too, just like all the doctors at my office. Do we go in and chance cutting him open for just a virus OR do we wait and chance something being inside of him that is causing damage? So we decided to give it 12 hours and I signed papers for him to go into surgery while I was at work if that's what needed to be done the next day.

They took more x-rays yesterday (Wednesday) and things looked worse so they said they couldn't wait any longer and went in. So he was in surgery for a few hours yesterday, they called when he was waking up. They found the end of a bone in that intestine and removed it. When they were in, they found some abnormal fatty hardened tissue at the end of his liver, before his stomach that was a really dark purple color that they didn't like the looks of, so they removed that and have sent that off to be biopsied. So maybe this whole thing was a blessing in disguise to get out something that could have caused more damage down the road that they would have never even seen without going in.

So right now, we're still kinda just waiting. Hoping everything is going to be OK. He is still at the vets' office. When I talked to Doc Yach this morning, he said Gordon is still real lethargic but that is to be expected after major surgery. He said the only thing we are really holding our breath on still are his intestines. They were pretty affected by this whole fiasco. BEST case scenario, he gets to come home tomorrow night. I am going to visit him tonight after work and I am packing along lots and lots of hugs for the little guy.

Oh and do you want to hear the cutest thing? Sir Gordon was featured in this week's editions of the View News with his sister, Sienna Miller. I guess one of the techs at West Flamingo Animal Hospital saw it, cut it out and hung it on his little kennel. Is that not just the sweetest thing? I want to buy that tech a know what, make it a rum and coke.

So I am asking for all of your well wishes, happy thoughts, prayers, whatever gets us by, for Sir Gordon Snacks A Lot to pull through and get back to his normal, Bieber-loving self in no time.

Thank you,

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katiek said...

Gordon is home. Miserable in his cone and spending a lot of time resting in his crate but we are on the road to recovery. Thank you EVERYONE for all of your support via the internet, prayers, wishes and get wells last week. Much appreciated from the HSCOOC family :)