Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Tonight I will be doing something I never thought I would.

I am joining an organized sports team.

Ok, ok....pick your jaws up off the floor. It's KICKBALL, people. This is the kind of team where you go to the website and it says Your Field is: Desert Breeze. Your Bar is: Shucks II.

Yeah, $65 got us a shirt (!!) AND three hosted parties throughout the season.

And, let me tell you, I am as excited to play tonight as I was in fifth grade. And I am totally serious right now. Kid Sister keeps asking me if I'm nervous and I'm like "Hell no! I am so PUMPED for this!" And then she reminds me, or more informs me, since I've never been on a team TEAM before, the PRESSURE of bringing your A game.

"What if we miss a kick?"
"What if we are the LET-DOWNS?"

"What if we lose the game for the team?"
"What if they make fun of us?"

The only difference between 5th grade and now? We can make up at the bar over ice cold beers after the game instead of a handshake on the playground.

We play Wednesday nights at 7 and 8 p.m. and are always looking for cheerleaders. Would love to see your face. I'm fighting for Sir Gordon to be our team mascot and he could use the company on the sidelines.

Game. On.

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