Monday, April 5, 2010

A Good Friday, Indeed.

This past (Good) Friday night, I ventured out Downtown with a few of my co-workers. My friend, Sally, is about as Louisiana as they come. So as we are making plans for the evening, she throws out the suggestion of going to Lola's (a Louisiana Kitchen, downtown) for Crawfish. Apparently, that's the Good Friday tradition "back home" since they aren't allowed to eat meat that day. So, immediately, I am like CRAWHELLTOTHENOFISH but I am sure there is something on the menu there that I will eat.

Well wouldn't you know it...these little guys showed up and I was like HEY, oddly enough, you look like something I would eat. So the gentleman sitting next to me walked me through the process and since I am an old pro at eating Blue Crab, I caught on pretty quickly. In the mouth you go and DELICIOUS.

The rest of the night just led to more shenanigans around the Freemont East area. The SK+G crew (old and new) headed to Don't Tell Mama for a few good songs and drinks. This is where Kid Sister met my old friend, Patron, for the first time. Look how happy.

The best part is, as soon as she was done, she was like ANOTHER! I told her, no, no, young stallion, trust me, that is all you need. So you know after a round of shots like that, we had one hell-of-a time.

The night led to The Griffin where Kid Sister ended up abandoning me (kidding, my love!) with boys that equal trouble. It had been a minute since I was the only girl hanging with my old bestie crew and I am proud to say that I (kind of) survived.

Now if you would have asked me Saturday morning as I was getting ready to go to a work-oriented baby shower if I had survived, I would have told you 'No, I am dying.' But, we bounce back. Sometimes it just takes a day or two. Afterall, I had to be in healthy shape for The Hunt (post to come).

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