Friday, April 2, 2010

Martha Lies.

So every year, Pep and I get together to dye Easter eggs for the annual hunt. Since we are now on year 26 (give or take the first two years), we try to get creative. Correction, I try to get creative. Pep is perfectly satisfied with bold colored eggs. I want to make them fancy! And sparkle! So who do I turn to? The master, Martha Stewart, of course!

So I fall in love with two - well really all - of the designer eggs but there are two in particular that seem do-able. In Pep's kitchen. With supplies that you don't have to special order. There are the lace eggs, found here and then the swirly eggs, found here. As we are in JoAnn's looking for lace, Pep is telling me, "Kate, I really don't see how this is going to work." "No Ma, Martha said we just need to rubber-band the lace around the egg and BAM beauty." "Ok..."

Well, come to find out, Martha lies. The lace eggs turned out to be not-so-lace like and the swirly ones using electrical tape worked on a FEW (meaning the ones that my mother did). Here are the results...

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Ladyhauwke said...

Have you tried Pysanky? Its basically batik egg decorating. It does require some special materials (but not too outrageous) and of course it will take years of study to make the showcase quality eggs. But its still a lot of fun. I actually borrowed the dyes and tools from a friend and had people make eggs at my baby shower. I intend to make a mobile out of the eggs. So it is fairly easy.