Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Birthday, HSOOC!

 Four years ago on Leap Day, I started a little project called Heart Shaped Cut-Outs of Cheese. Making my baby blog four years old (or would it be one?) as of today.

Since then, I've had 384 posts. 385 if you count this one. Had a puppy. Blossomed in my career. Eaten 438 lbs. of candy. Drank 1, 460 glasses of wine. Consumed 1, 098 pieces of cheese. Made friends. Lost loved ones. Taken 4, 280 pictures. Watched 400 movies. Sold my Bug. Rocked out at two dozen concerts. Turned 25. 26. 27. And 28. Attended six weddings. Made four trips to Disneyland. Raced for the Cure. Written three open letters. Shopped at H&M 365 times. Wore a Snuggie. Won Prom Queen.  Twice. Yes, in my 20s. Put hats on a Doodle. Became an "aunt" to several adorable babies. Built a house in Mexico. Visited Florida. California. Colorado. Nevada. South Carolina. Pennsylvania. Arizona. Been on two family reunions. Slept on the beach. Watched the sunrise. Watched the sunset. Became a two time kickball champ. Tried new foods. Said goodbye to Vegas and hello to Colorado. Read 30 books. Learned to make a pot of coffee. Went back to school. Met the love of my life. Camped. Painted my face. Discovered bottomless mimosas. Won Drag Queen Bingo. Got snowed in. Painted. Yogaed. Biked. Snowboarded. Skied. Laughed. Cried. Hiked. Talked. Wrote. Danced.

And yes, I am proud to say that I have ended up blogging more often than February 29 rolls around. Maybe not as often as I would like and I promise to set myself up for another HSCOOC challenge soon but right now, I have the challenge of life to get through first.

I have a bridal shower, a tradeshow, nine birthdays, four concerts, two parent trips, several work events, a bachelorette party and two weddings to get to before June. So like the past four years, the next three months are going to be one helluva ride. But I promise not to forget about you, HSCOOC.

The happiest of birthdays to something that is my heart and soul. Here's to the next Leap Year - and the one after that...and after that.....


Chloe said...

Four years, wow! I remember when it first began, many lifetimes ago :) Happy birthday indeed! Even more special that it's Leap Day. So fitting. You give a new meaning to the phrase living life to the fullest. Keep doing what you're doing, Katie K. And keep sharing it! xoxo

jenvegas said...

Katie K! You've been tagged with "11 Things"
Check out my post :)