Thursday, August 18, 2011

Denver Cruiser Ride

Last night was my first experience of the Denver Cruiser Ride. And let me tell you, it will not be my last.

Even before I moved here, I had heard about this gathering of bike riders every Wednesday night throughout the summer in Denver. From what I gathered, it was some kind of bar crawl with a route map that people followed and each week had a theme. So I thought it would just be some kind of fun community get-together that got people out and active and drunk in the middle of the week. Well I am here to say - it is much, much more than that.

I had marked my calendar months ago for the Circus themed week, knowing that it would be a carnival of sorts and seemed much more me than the Rave theme that is next week. There are three start bars to choose from - Linzi and I picked the Skylark which is about a 3 mile ride from my house. We were slightly afraid that we were going to pass it but as we pulled up on our bikes - we quickly realized there was no way in hell that could ever happen. Hundreds of people, along with hundreds of bikes, were out front of the bar and I'd say 50% of them were in some kind of circus getup.

Pumped and ready - I went to pull my i.d. out of my fanny pack (some things never change and/or go out of style, my babies) and realized that I LEFT IT AT HOME. 3 MILES AWAY. In typical Linz and Kate style - we decide not to bike back but instead call a cab, have him run us back to my place, grab my i.d. and get a ride back in time to ride with everyone to the second stop of the evening. Well, (our) luck would have it and by the time the cab got us back to Skylark - the masses had departed. Making lemons in to lemonade - or rather jager into jagerbombs - we took this opportunity to take advantage of the empty bar and drink in peace before biking the 3 miles to the next stop.

By the time Linzi and I arrived to the C.O.D. (Circle of Death) in Civic Center Park - a crowd of oh, I'd say 3,000 (not an exaggeration) had gathered. I am being totally serious when I tell you that I have never quite see anything like it in my life. There were guys dressed as clowns, people half-naked running around with balloons tied to them, girls in spandex and then a giant circle of people just riding bikes around - I am sure - intoxicated (hence the C.O.D.). There were unicycles and carts and lit-up bikes and the best people watching experience you can imagine.

If you think your city has a bike scene - I challenge you to come experience a summer Wednesday night in Denver. This city made me proud last night - while also, blowing my mind.

I cannot believe that this has been happening five blocks from my house for the entire summer and I had no idea. It is truly, truly something to see. I've checked the theme schedule for the remainder of the season (rides happen through September 28th) and you can bet your front wheel that we will be back.

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Yeah, your back! Luv it.