Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Hey, Denver - could you feel the ground shake a little bit last week? Yeah that was from Eener and I shakin' it to Watch the Throne. Could you hear the giggles coming from Apartment 17 in Capitol Hill? Yeah that was Eener and I dying over the latest episode of The Soup. And could you hear my heart break Sunday around 6 when I had to return Eener to the airport so she could get back to Vegas and being a mommy to Max?

It was a great weekend - full of eating, drinking, laughing and catching up as two girlfriends who haven't had one-on-one time in months usually do. We took it easy with Gordon - had brunch filled with mimosas and Bloody Mary's - visited Morrison - and caught a Rockies game. All in less than 48 hours.

Leaving Vegas was easy in lots of ways - but it was hard in a lot of ways, too - and Eener, you were one of those hard ways. Thank you so much for taking your first "Mommy-Free" weekend to come and visit your Knochers.

I miss you already.


Renee Losey said...

AWWWWW Thanks for the shot out! And I had an absolute blast catching up, rocking out, walking Sir Gordon, eating, drinking (for breakfast even), laughing (way too hard sometimes), SSFF, walks that took longer to get there than to get home, baseball game (much needed) and having the MOST wonderful hostess in the Denver metro area! I love you to pieces and can not wait until I can make it out again to see you and your wonderful city <3


jenvegas said...

Stunning ladies! Love you both and glad you had a great time catching up :)