Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Discovering Denver #25: Brunch at Jonesy's

Every once in awhile, I have to go back to either my 100 post or my Discovering Denver post and most of the time - I realize that I have since completed something on the list that I can now cross off and share with you.

Since my last visit - I've realized that thanks to my shiny new dating life - I've not only done one thing on my Discovering Denver list but I am going to be able to mark off another come tonight.

I had brunch at Jonesy's a few weekends back. I had the French Toast that is served with maple syrup (dad would be proud) and vanilla bean whipped cream (which I would have eaten as an entire plate itself). Unfortunately, I was heading up to Pine that afternoon so I was unable to take advantage of the bottomless mimosa offer but the coffee was superb. As was the company. So overall - Jonesy's gets a five-star rating from me and I am sure it won't be long until I return.

Afterall - I've got to get back for those bottomless mimosas.

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