Wednesday, February 1, 2012


One of the (many) benefits to living in the state of Colorado is the easy access to some of the world's best skiing. Even with this being one of the worst seasons on record - I was lucky enough to spend 4 days last week living in Steamboat.

The last time I was in Steamboat Springs was in 1991 so I can't tell you how much the place has changed but the way this ski town exudes charm - I would hope not much. We took on that mountain (love you, Tomahawk!), we ate like kings (you must check out Mazzola's Italian), we drank the limit of Rio margaritas, experienced SubStone (a Cold Stone inside a Subway!), we played the tambourine and ukulele (to the best of our abilities), we went to the Western store (F.M. Light & Sons!), we gamed - and basically had the time of our lives. All while surrounded by killer views.

If we've ever been skiing together, you know that the only way for me to end the day is with a beer in the hot tub. And the only thing that makes that better is a sunset like this.

So, yes, as previously mentioned - I enjoy soaking my body in hot water so how is it that I had never been to a hot springs before?!? We wrapped up the trip with a giant hot pool of natural relaxation with a trip to the Strawberry Hot Springs, which was one of the prettiest places I've ever been.

Maybe it was being with people I love, maybe it was the view, maybe it was the drinks but this I know for sure - it will go down as a highlight for 2012. And I'm already counting down to going back next January.

Swish swish. Spring spring.

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This post made me smile! Love!