Wednesday, August 18, 2010

#36: Survive a Class of Bikram Yoga

My goal with 100 Things was to come back and post about each one that I accomplished to share it with you and ultimately, to check back on to make sure I am going to complete at least 80% of that list (guest starring on Gossip Girl might be a little more difficult to achieve than let's say....camping at Valley of Fire).

The other night I was out with Jeffrey James and we had pulled up the list to see what we could get crossed off within the next, let's say, year or so.

As I am going down the list, I stopped at #36 and was like WAIT WAIT I DID THAT ONE!

You guys, I survived (multiple) classes of Bikram Yoga.

A few months back, Groupon (best site ever, btw) featured a daily special of 92% of Bikram Yoga. We got 30 classes for like $25 and we had two months to use up those visits. Easy as pie, right?

Or not. The first class we went to was on a Saturday afternoon. I had my new yoga mat, my new yoga clothes, a bottle of frozen water and my motivation. All of those things melted away within the first 5 minutes of class.

First, let's discuss the smell. The smell was so raunchy I thought I was going to toss my cookies right there on the carpet. Yes CARPET. WHY OH WHY would they put carpet in a room where people are just constantly dripping pounds of sweat onto the floor? Carpet soaks up smell. Trust me, I've raised a puppy in an apartment, I know.

The rest of the class was a struggle. I had not been to the gym in, oh, I don't know, six months or so? It was June so it was just starting to heat up real nice outside but let me tell you, walking out of that room to the outdoors, felt like Vegas was a cool 60 degrees. I felt limber during class, there is no doubt about that there. And the feeling that I had after that first 90 minute class was pure bliss. Look, I even mentioned it in this post.

As I was reading over that post, I noticed that I said we were going to go three times a week over the following two months. HA HA HA. I must have still been high from that first class.

I went back, I did. Once. Twice. Three times. Even a fourth. And then I retired this body back to the LVAC. The good news is, it did get me back in the routine of wanting to take care of my body, which is important when you eat as much cheese as I do.

In conclusion - Bikram yoga - an experience that I would recommend trying - just bring nose plugs and try to hold on to those first moments after your first class for as long as possible 'cause you'll be chasing that high through 120 degrees of heat.


Kat said...

LOL, this was great!

X said...

Bikram sounds awesome. Between you and Arlene, I don't think I'm ever gonna find the motivation to use that freakin' Groupon. Guess I'll stick to my remote control arm exercises.