Monday, August 2, 2010

Sienna Miller does LION

As you know, Sienna recently turned 5 - and apparently, she thought this would be a good time to let herself go.

I was loving on her a few weeks ago and noticed that my silky, gorgeous Sienna was now a matted cat. "Sienna! How could you let this happen??" I grabbed my kindergarten scissors that I use to cut mats out of her brother and chopped away.

Only problem was, they were too close to the skin. How long had these mats been here? I had been neglecting Sienna - I hadn't even noticed!!

So we made an appointment to get her shaved. OH YES. I KNOW. I have to trick her just to get her into the cat crate - much less to the vet to be bathed and shaved! When we arrive, they ask me to sign a consent form in case they need to sedate her and I am thinking to myself "Oh, that's definitely going to have to happen...." and sign away.

Requested cut? LION!

I picked her up yesterday evening and let me just tell you, she is looking so adorable. I was text messaging her picture all over Vegas last night. And guess what! They didn't even have to sedate her - said that she was just sooo good. Probably has to do with the fact that the vet techs kept telling her how gorgeous she is - you know how she loves when people recognize her stunning beauty.

She is not happy with the cut- looking rather uncomfortable in her new skin (ha!) but I think she will be in a few days - without all that fur, she is bound to be cooler and lighter (so she can escape quicker from Gordon).

Only problem? I was always able to rely on the whole "She's fluffy, not fat" when she would get weighed at the vet (10.9 lbs) but come to find out....she's fat when not fluffy.

Time to diet, Sienna! And don't worry about the cut, sweet kitten, I heard the Lion cut is all the rage this season.



Sulhee Jessica Woo said...

How adorable!!! :)

La abuela frescotona said...


X said...

Raaaar! I wonder if the other cats see her and think she's weird.

X said...

... Or if they see her and think she's just trying to get attention. Hee, hee.

Asian Spice said...

She is too cute for words! I love the new cut. What a pretty kitty!