Wednesday, August 11, 2010

HSCOOC Recommeded Reading: One Day

My ideal summer day is to layout by the pool - preferably not in 108 degrees - with a girlfriend next to me, a frozen cocktail or three and a good read that allows me to escape from everyday life for an hour or two.

One Day is my favorite book of the summer. If you subscribe to my bible, Entertainment Weekly, then you know that the editors over there went nuts for this novel by David Nicholls. I drink their kool-aid so I immediately ran out to Barnes and Noble after recommendations in a two back-to-back issues.

The story follows Dex and Em from their night of debauchery on their night of graduation from university through the next two decades. Each chapter picks up on the same day of that night, July 15, 1988 - for the next 20 years. Following these star-crossed lovers through their 20s, 30s and beyond.

It is a book that passionately connects you to the characters. It made me laugh aloud, it made me not get enough sleep and it made me cry - once on a plane and twice on a bicycle at the gym.

Bottom line...pick it up and take the journey with Dex and Em. And then send me a book report on it - kidding! But do please let me know if you enjoyed it as much as I.

And then we can catch the movie together next summer.


Dave said...

Is this a man friendly book?

Chloe said...

Sold! Ordering it right now :)

joven said...

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