Friday, August 27, 2010


Weekend before last, our darling Lisa G. came to town for a visit. She was actually here for almost a whole week working PROJECT with Shelly - and to get to see her three times in the same week felt like the good 'ol days as in when we were 15.

Saturday when she arrived, Lisa and I ran over the Meadows Mall (talk about talking it back old school!) to find a dress for the Travel + Leisure event we were attending that evening. We ate Auntie Anne pretzels in the food court and then got lost in Forever 21 for two hours. Then afternoon was fun of catching up, shopping, getting ready and maybe a margarita or two. Some things never change :)

That evening we hit the Travel + Leisure's World's Best Event put on by Whispering Giants at the Gold Lounge inside Aria. There Lauren, Lisa and I (Dave, too!) sipped on the 'Longitudes' cocktails before heading to Don't Tell Mama for an evening of singalongs and catching up with old friends.

The evening took a sharp turn for the homestead at the Griffin after a few unfortunate last minute shots of Whiskey. Saturday night shenanigans at their best.

Time with the besties is always needed. Even better news? The Wicklers will be in town next weekend along with Lisa and Clayton. Get ready for round two as summer commences over Labor Day weekend.

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X said...

You and Lauren are giving me double vision. Cute!