Friday, August 6, 2010


Wednesday night marked the mid-season of the summer league for Waka Kickball.

We celebrated beach party style - complete with floaties, goggles, snorkles and a kiddie pool - oh and a Goldendoodle, too.

I am proud to announce that Kickin' It Old School is undefeated this season. We are after the Championship Title for the second season in a row.

No fights broke out this night (the prior Wednesday, there was a slight altercation on the field that led to me feeling like I really was back on the playground, only everyone was about 3 feet taller) so we can consider this a WIN on all fronts. A 20-6 win.

At Shucks after the game, I started telling the other teammates that we are all taking steroids. I am sure my teammates appreciate that but I think it might the blow a little lighter for the rest of the league. Plus, a little game of telephone can be fun every once in awhile.

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