Friday, March 26, 2010

Sir Gordon's Throne

I took this photo the other night at the house and then used my new favorite app, TiltShift Generator to edit it. I figured it would be a way to remind all of you that there is still TIME TO VOTE!

And yes, that is his summer haircut.

I know you are going to find this hard to believe but Sir Gordon is not in the top 15. We are keeping the faith though and believe we could still OWN this competition.

Speaking of competition, this is one of those weekends where I booked myself to be at six different places this Saturday night. Thankfully, Lauren and I are going shopping tomorrow (and pool time if weather permits since March is so finicky in Vegas). So I may be running around but in a fabulous new dress and if we're lucky GTL.

HSCOOC wishes you a safe, happy and full-of-good-toasts kind of weekend :)

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