Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Morbid Week: Inside the L.A.P.D. Evidence Room

So in keeping in tune with the accident post from earlier this week, today's blog comes with a warning. This post is not for the majority. I'll screen you? How does that sound? Did you see the movie The Black Dahlia and enjoy it? Safe. Does Charles Manson give you the heebie jeebies but maybe you're slightly fascinated by the Helter Skelter family? Safe. Ever had an interest in Forensic Psychology and the study of serial killers? Safe. Do you think O.J. was guilty? Safe.

Sticking around? Ok, here we go. I was watching the Today Show Monday morning while getting ready for work and I saw this piece about the L.A.P.D. putting historical evidence on display for the first time ever here at the Palms. I did some investigating and found that it would be open to the public Wednesday and Thursday from 10:30 a.m. - 7 p.m. so yesterday after work, Kristin and I met Frank down there and somehow, we were surprised at the line that wrapped through the casino and out the doors. We decided to stick it out though. I knew this was something I didn't want to miss. We waited in line for an hour and let me tell you, it was well worth it.

To see all of those Hollywood Homicides and the evidence with these infamous cases - my mind was BLOWN. From Marilyn Monroe and the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy to the Manson family car that they drove around during the murderous rampage. By far, the most distributing thing we saw was the evidential photographs from The Black Dahlia case from 1947. To see Short's body laying there, cut in half and what he did to her face...gave me the chills. The one that made me feel the most sad was the murder of Bill Cosby's son in the "robbery that went wrong" just because I remember Mr. Cosby's heartbreak when that happened back in 1997. The one that hit closest to home though was definitely the O.J. Simpson case and THE GLOVE. "If it doesn't fit, you must acquit!" To see all the evidence against Simpson laid out right there, was astounding. Kristin was in elementary school when the case was in the media and hadn't paid too much attention and she was APPALLED. How OH HOW did he get away with it? Justice system = FAIL.

I was shocked that they were allowing us to take pictures so for those of you who are curious, I present to you the L.A.P.D. evidence room.


My name is Tiffanie said...

Oh God that Black Dahlia photo will give me nightmares. Fucking sick! They never caught the guy for that, did they? What was that photo in front of the American flag? What an interesting display.

Indie Fashion Addict said...

That sounds awesome. I am fascinated and amazed sometimes with our justice system and the cases the LAPD has faced. I wish I had gone and checked this out.

Asian Spice said...

CREEEEEEPY! That Marilyn

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