Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Note to The Island

Dear Lost,

How I am so glad that I have stuck with you. Over the past six seasons, you have taken us on quite a ride. From polar bears to smoke monsters to Flocke....I've been lost, I've been pissed, I've been concerned. How are you ever going to pull this off??

I've spent hours discussing theories with friends (Eener and Chloe), days trying to make sure that Pep was following everything and years with your friend Jeff Jensen over at - reading his recaps for clarity to make sure I got everything I was supposed to.

And last night's episode proved to me that you really are going to come through for us in the end.

I had been hearing that episodes 9 and 15 were the most explosive of the Final Season (next to the series finale, of course). Number 9, "Ab Aeterno", translating to 'from the beginning of time' really put you on the ingenious map.

I hardly even care anymore if Jack ends up with Kate. Not after THE CORK THEORY was presented to us.

So, without getting ahead of ourselves here, let me thank you, for last night's episode was one of the greatest hours of television I have ever watched. And this girl watched 10 years of 90210.

Yours forever,

Kate (+ Jack...still make it happen, kthxbai!)

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