Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Go, Fight, Win!

So today is the first day of Fall. And what is more Fall than some good 'ol football? Now, I've taken this whole "getting into football" thing pretty srsly over the past two years. You see, two seasons ago (the year of 2007), I decided that I needed to have a TEAM. Lobo, as my BFF, was in football pools at work, fantasy league stuff on the side, placing bets at the sports book on the weekends and well, I was like "hey that seems like fun, I want a team." So I talked to John Bon (Lobo's brother) and he said I should pick a team based on where I am from. We came to the Baltimore Ravens except HAVE YOU SEEN THEIR COLORS? Purple and yellow?? Eh, not so much. So I based picking my team on colors. Yes, I said it. I picked The NY Giants for a classic combo of red, white and blue (just don't make me chant their colors, OK??) And do you know what happened that season, kids? THE GIANTS WON THE SUPERBOWL.

That's right. Because I was their newest fan. And damn proud of it.

So ever since that glorious day in February 2008, I have stayed true to my team. Sam (my stepdad), even gifted me with a gigantic XXL official NFL jersey that he won at the bar during Monday Night Football one night last year. And I wore it to a bar to watch one of the final Giants games last season (much to the pleasure of Scott and Lobo). And I will wear it again. Over leggings! Over pajama pants! Over jeans! Over a dress! Photos to come. Even Gordo has a Giants-themed hoody!

But I digress. The point is, I've somehow TRICKED MYSELF into really enjoying football. At first it was a joke because think about it....ME??? Loving football??? C'mon. What would I ever do with my Monday nights trying to decide between Gossip Girl and Monday Night Football (GG still wins, for the record). But then during the season of the Bear, him being the biggest Longhorns fan in Vegas, I got really into that team, too. Not that I had much of a choice but by mid-season, I was loving Colt McCoy and leaving the table with Lobo while visiting the Wicklers in Denver to CHECK THE SCORE.
Then, it happened...over the past two weeks, I've actually SAT DOWN AND WATCHED THE WHOLE GIANTS GAME by myself.

What has happened to me?

To top it ALL off, Anika and I attended the UNLV vs. Oregon State game last weekend. Yeah, we took our SATURDAY NIGHT that used to be reserved for dance floors and cosmos (but, lets be real, Club Monster Katie died with DJ AM) and went to SAM BOYD STADIUM, which I hadn't been to since Lisa and I saw N*SYNC's Celebrity Tour there in 2001. We did it right, have you no worries. We tailgated with the best of them and I even wore my school's colors (Anika, unknowingly showed up in Oregon State colors....HILARIOUS, what are the odds that she would be wearing blue and orange that night? She had to make a quick change in the car before we headed in).
We drank beer, we ate pretzels (and CHEESE, of course), we checked out the dudes (another bonus to this whole football thing), we booed and we even got up on our feet and chanted when the Rebels scored a touchdown.

Unfortunately, the Rebels lost the game that night.

Proving my theory of "if I'm supporting you, you will win" might be a little flawed but at least my Giant are holding strong.

This day, last Saturday, September 12, 2009, was the proudest day for my father. Carl must've called three or four times just to "see how the game was!" Doesn't even matter that it wasn't a Penn State game, he was just so happy to see his daughter taking an interest in the all mighty FOOTBALL SEASON.

And see, when I type that, I hear Al Roker in my head saying SUNDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL NIGHT IN AMERICA. And I love it.
So who is with me for Sunday at 10 a.m. for the Giants vs. Tampa Bay game?? The best part of it all? If there is football on, beer drinking is allowed, it's like that whole "it's noon somewhere!" rule and I am all for it.


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x said...

Dude! I LOVE this post. I was right there with you the whole way through. I, too, somehow became addicted to football. Mine's college football. I get all hyped up about Michigan State and University of Utah (my alma mater who busted the BCS last year!). And, like you said, the best part is that you don't feel the least bit guilty drinking beer at 9 a.m. at Jerseys cuz everyone is doing it!
I love that you're a die hard Giants fan now, just based on the colors and their Superbowl win. That is an awesome story, indeed.
Hey, we're watching the BIG MSU vs. Michigan game Saturday at Jerseys, if you wanna come. It gets so packed in there. There's cowbell, the school song, cheerleading stunts — everything!