Monday, May 11, 2009

The Twouble with Twoy

My mother is a speech therapist for elementary and junior high children. It is a wonderful profession that she is very, very good at and is recognized for locally. Her specialty? The 'R' sound. Funny thing? Her own daughter has issues with it.

Now, I don't want you to think that I'm walking around with a speech impediment. It happens on occasion, in fast conversation and when there is an r/w sound approaching. This post will be hard to describe (I'm sure actually HEARING me slip up is much more amusing) but hopefully the spelling can do it justice.

When I was in junior high, all I wanted was to be on the Brinley Bruins' Cheerleading Squad. Our colors were a combination of red, white and blue. Try-outs were coming up and I practiced my butt off. Every night and every morning in the mirror, in front of the two friends I had, to my get the point. I had the routine DOWN and I was planning on dominating. They were probably just going to make me head cheerleader right then and there (take that Buffy!). On the big day, my pom poms and I headed off to the gym. I got up in front of the panel, cleared my voice and started....
"Brinley! Bruins! Go, Fight, Win!"
Great, I shined like a star. Then came the big finale. The color chant.
"Red, wed, wed, wed, white, white, white, white and blue. (clap clap clap) and blue."

I know what you are thinking...."WUT HAPPENED?"

I got nervous, guys. I was chanting and then I anticipated that W and blew the whole thing. Needless to say...I didn't make the team.

There are many other stories just like this one (like the time I was in high school History and asked a question about the possibility of a "Whourld Roar Tree") but I think you get the point.

I also could never date a guy named Troy. Or Twoy in my world.


Pep said...

Love it! You wule!!!

x said...

Wow. You this post just brought up so many memories. First of all a boy named Twoy Skidmow (Troy Skidmore) used to chase my friends and I in eighth grade and he actually came up when they were visiting the other weekend.
Second, my best friend once tried out for Miss Dynamite, the cheerleading pageant, and completely forgot the cheer. Her mom and I had to yell it to her from the audience.
Third, your tryout system was WAY better than my school's. Our chicks had to get on stage during an assembly and then students voted, making it a complete popularity contest.
But enough about me. I think Wed Wed White is a much better cheer.That's awesome that your mom does that. My little sister couldn't say her r's or l's growing up. Too bad for her friends Weesa (Lisa) and Tamwa (Tamra).

katiek said...

X. Hysterical. And my mom said she could've helped your sister. Let me know if it's still an issue :)

Asian Spice said...

When Katie reinacted that cheer for me I almost died! She is as cute as can be and this little hiccup is what makes her so great. LOVE IT.