Monday, May 18, 2009

Red Rocks + FOTC

I just got back from a mid-May vacay. My darling cousin purchased us tickets to see Flight of the Conchords with Iron and Wine at Red Rocks (and yes, it was a random pairing). Have you ever been to a show at Red Rocks? If not, I highly suggest it. By far, the best acoustics I have ever heard. When Iron and Wine was performing, I actually said "Are we in my living room right now?" I was not, in fact I was actually surrounded by BEAUTIFUL Colorado mountains, not sitting on my couch with Gordon throwing his ball on my lap...if I closed my eyes though, it was like a private show. Sounded like he was right there in front of me with his guitar, singing solely for me. Flight of the Conchords were hysterical, of course. Kept the crowd going the whole time. I actually recorded a video of "Business Time" for the masses but unfortunately, my giggle overpowered it in the end. If you don't know about my laugh...well let's just say, I called Lauren like, "How do you do it??" It is pretty obnoxious. And I do it (laugh, that is) A LOT.

The rest of the weekend was spent catching up with The Wicklers, which of course, involved a lot of boozing. Want to hear a great story? So when Lobo and I were there in December, the four of us stopped at this little dive bar called Mozart Lounge. We decided to stop there on Friday night for a nightcap. Well, were we in for a pleasant surprise...the Mozart Lounge has become a gay bar. Well a "stray bar" but we were definitely the only straight people in the place. Met some wonderful people, including Meredith, a 51-year-old Grandfather, pictured below.

Let me tell you something about Denver...everyone there is SO NICE. Seriously, every place we went we ended up talking to 4 or 5 strangers. Before the show we went to the Morrison Inn for Margaritas and FUN Mexican Food (their words, not mine), sat up on their roof patio and enjoyed some humongo margaritos. This guy was playing Bob Marley on the guitar, so that on top of the great company, great was a perfect Saturday afternoon. I just love the vibe out there...if it wasn't for those damn winters...ahhh, one of these days of these days.
Until next time, Denver...until next time. And big thanks to my cousin Andy, Angela and the Wicklers for their continued hospitality. Love you guys.

P.S....My next post is #100...pretty MAYJA.

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x said...

Sounds like an awesome weekend. I gotta do Denver one of these days. It'd probably be perfect for me cuz I loved Utah, except those damn Mormons! :) Oh, and my giggle and your giggle should get together for a giggle off because I've been told it's quite, um, original.