Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I had a very successful Memorial Day weekend. How was it successful? Well, it felt like the kick-off to a very awesome summer and that is what Memorial Day weekend is all about. It's kind of like New Years but for summer....at least in my world. I'd like to take you on a little trip with me, dear reader, via quotes overheard over my long weekend. In total random order and I will try to give a brief definition of the story behind the quote although I am sure some will be self-explanatory. And P.S....all of these are not from yours truly. So if you spent any time over the weekend with me, don't be surprised if you see your words below but I will keep it anonymous.

"I think I threw my back out" (this happened while I was encouraged to 'drop it like its hot' by the sounds of DJ AM which I hadn't done in 3 years or so)

"Is the guy in the corner gay?"
"No, engaged to be married."
"Well, might as well be then."

"OMG" (this was said probably about 156 times over the weekend, esp when Rain was blowing FIRE over the crowd in the club. And hey, Rain...WORST IDEA EVER....we're hot enough!)

"That will be $39." (for TWO drinks at the M pool)
"Come again?"

"I think we're facing the wrong direction for the sun" (right before we passed out from those really large and expensive drinks and I woke up with a hand print (mine) tan line an hour later)

"Think he'll remember that I asked him to make out with me?"

"Is she cheating on us?"

"Sorry if I'm being an asshole" (inside Rain nightclub)
"That's OK...I live here. I'm used to it"


"Are we at Lilith Fair?" (said while someone singing Sarah McLachlan at Don't Tell Mama)

"Where are those Hot Fries?"

"You suck so much my friend thinks you're in costume." (outside of Beauty Bar)

"Hey Lloyd, check out my cock." (the rooster whistle that Lile brought for me)

"I've got an idea...let's move the moped."

"Can you take me home now please?" (when the teenage girls at M pool started posing inappropriately for photos in the water)

"It's OK not to text back, right?"

"We aren't even the oldest people here!" (this never happens when we're at a club anymore, unless, apparently, if that club is Rain)

"So Edward, do you have a Bella?"
"Is that a girlfriend? No, no girlfriend."
"Small children?"

"You got the jokes but do you got the smokes?"

"I want to learn things through that little door." (DCR)

"We can just sit in your bathtub" (when we found out the jacuzzi was broken in my complex)

"What the fuck? How are we even friends with you??" (when Lile broke the news to Lobo that she has never played beer pong in her life)

"I'm from Dallas."
"I hate that place." (poor guy!)

"If I can kick you in the nuts and run, then you ain't a cop."

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x said...

Whoever said the Lillith Fair comment and the one about sitting in your bathtub sound like good people to me.

I really have to stop asking you what you did over the weekend AND THEN reading your blog. It's like reading the Jon & Kate synopses before I watch the show, ya know?