Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Lost in Translation

So Pep couldn't stand it, she just HAD to know what yesterday's post said. She took it upon herself to copy and paste it into her own Google translator. Here is the result which is even funnier than I thought I was by posting in Spanish yesterday. Enjoy and good luck :)

For which today is 5 of May. In order to celebrating, this position is written in Spanish. That is funny, since is the class that have failed in my life. Almost it feels refreshing to write in a different language. I feel as if would be able me to say my deeper, darker secrets and nobody knows. Then I remember that the majority of the people really can translate Spaniard and they have not to use Google for that. For those of you that to Spanish spoken (cough cough cough Lauren and PY), I ask him excuses and I am sure that this no sense makes.

This night we celebrate this glorious one of holidays visiting the house of Eener with double L. And yes, this normally it signifies problems. We are going to take it with calm, although with a few glasses of draining, some Rockband and a pound or two of the chips and sauce.

You know what infects? You quote. Is true. Is very stressful. And I am sure that is supposed that is not of that way. You suppose that they enjoy to know to the others and to have all easy. But if they know me, I want all. Now. You believe that my lesson of the past has been learned, but of course that not. Each time that my telephone dings, I am as "oh!" And then it disappointed (unless the text me Spoon of Gold with an offering).

One of these days, HSCOOC, one of these days...

You know what is the most amusing thing on this message? A day I am going to read it again and I do not they have idea of what was speaking.

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That hurt my brain. :)