Thursday, May 7, 2009

Life at 25 MPH

I had one of those nights last night when you take a moment to take it all in, you think to yourself, "Am I in some kind of independent film right now?" Ever had one of those moments? No? Well try to get yourself one because that's the good stuff. I've been lucky enough to have a few, mostly all taking place over summer nights. And like I said, last night was one of those nights.

Where to begin? Well, if you know me and I tell you that I met someone...what are the first two questions you ask me?

Wait, I've got this one.

1. Does he have a job?

2. Does he have a car?

So when I started mentioning new boy, the questions started rolling in. The first one, YES. The second brought a little hesitation. "" "KATIE!" "I know, I know. But he DOES have a mode of transportation. It's a moped."

That look on your face right there...yeah, that's the same one I tried to cover up when I heard the news for the first time. That changed last night.

I met the boy for some drinks at one of my favorite spots, Chicago Brew Co. We enjoyed a few microbrews out on the patio and the night was coming to a turning point. I could either go home or I could take up this offer..."Want to go for a ride on the scooter?" And you know what, kids? I was feeling a bit ADVENTUROUS last night so I said "Um, YEAH!" "Ok, but you're driving" "No, no." "Trust me, with two people, we're not going to be going much faster than 25 MPH"

So we decided to head west. But first, we had to stop for gas. As we approach the counter, he purchases some water and says, "$2 on 13, please." Which is now my favorite quote ever. "$2?!?," I asked. "For 90 miles." WOW. That's like a round trip to Green Valley.

I'm going to spare you my cheesy details about my hair blowing in the wind and the feeling I had like I owned the road for that ride up to Red Rock. But a few hours later, when we were coming back from Red Rock and the air temperature had dropped a few degrees, I thought to myself, "Who knew life could be so much fun at 25 MPH?"

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x said...

Mopeds have always been fantastic foreplay. Oh, and $2 to fill 'er up? I think the new boy knows something we don't.