Thursday, September 10, 2009


Ok HSCOOC readers...I need your input.

My dear friend Dawn's husband was recently selected to be the new Sound Engineer for the Kings of Leon for the remainder of their tour.

I can imagine how much I FREAKED OUT when I heard this news. Would my Open Letter get in the hands of one of the Followills?? Would they accept my marriage proposal? Could this exact moment change my life (for the better) FOREVER??

And totally stoked for Sean, too. Touring with THE HOTTEST ROCKBAND IN THE WORLD RIGHT NOW. He is with them now and things are going well. Dawn has decided to go to the Birmingham, Alabama show to visit her man on the road.

I have been invited along and I don't know if Dawn really knows what she is signing up for here. When it comes to KOL (and a few other things), I can get pretty freakin' GIDDY.

Sean can (more than likely) score us tickets to the show. I would have to buy a plane ticket and although I'd love to think that I'd be up all night with the band, I'll probably have to get a hotel room, too. Tickets are around $235.

Now I can TOTALLY JUSTIFY this price if this means I'd get to actually meet them (and have Caleb fall in love with me) but we can't exactly guarantee that (I mean the meeting part, if I met him, OBV, he would fall in love with me). So is it worth the gamble? I mean, I would win either way because I would get to see the show again. But $235 ++ other misc. expenses is a hefty price tag for a girl who has got bills, tuition and animals to take care of.

The concert is October 15th.

Here is where you come in...see my new fancy poll over to the left? Yeah, I need you to cast your vote.

To go or not to go...that is the question.

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x said...

I wouldn't do it. Then again, I wouldn't do a lot of things. Listen to your 20 something friends.