Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Life is for Livin'

One month from today, I will either be in Nashville because the Kings of Leon just couldn't say goodbye to me OR I will be heading back to Vegas, hopefully with a signed copy of my open letter with lots of x and o's.

What can I say, the people have spoken (sorry X and Pep) and I do think it is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Dawn and I are ready to party and ready for whatever this trip brings us which hopefully includes backstage passes and a sound check before the show (fingers crossed!).

I was really struggling with this decision because I know that it certainly is not the smartest thing for me to be spending my limited funds on. HOWEVER I have not done anything irresponsible and reckless since I flew to Chicago after meeting a guy at Body English one night. I knew this guy via text and email and one hazy night in a nightclub and FLEW TO CHICAGO to spend 4 days with him. That is crazy. I love you, bub, but that was crazy. My point is, look how that turned out. Nearly three years later, Cory is now one of my favorite people and that trip is definitely on the top 10 list of my life experiences. I met GREAT people (Chad!), saw the Chicago river GREEN, saw the city from an insider's perspective, experienced St. Patty's Day in one of the best cities to celebrate that glorious holiday, got my Easter Adidas and oh I could just go on and on...but I digress, the point IS, I threw caution to the wind and it turned out to be one of the best decisions of my life.

So here I am again, throwing caution to the wind. Just maybe, maybe I'll get a kiss out of it this time. But I would certainly settle for more life experiences and friends along the way.

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AudioWido said...

Nothing ventured, nothing gained, no life experiences to catalog. We are SO going to rock the 'Ham, girl!