Monday, September 14, 2009

SK+G Homecoming Queen

On Friday afternoon, I was crowned SK+G's Homecoming Queen, 2009.

This was an 80's themed dance which I have plenty of experience in and was happy to, once again, pull out the crimper and powder blue eyeshadow. And for those of you who know me, know that any excuse for a tutu and pearls will do.

I was so proud that I wore my sash downtown Friday night where I got a lot of responses like "Um what is that?" "Oh! I won Homecoming Queen today at work!!" "Of course you did, Katie."
No one really seemed that surprised that I was still rocking the crimped hair and sash. What does it take to surprise people these days?

And yes, tonight I will be sitting on my couch, tuning into the season 3 premiere of GOSSIP GIRL while wearing my crown and tiara.

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x said...

Hotness. Think I can borrow that sash and crown sometime?