Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Letter G

As I was preparing to write this post, I thought to myself, "Ok, gotta talk about Golden Globes over the weekend, Gossip Girl last night, my love for Golden Spoon and post some of those photos of Gordon."

Apparently, this post is dedicated to the letter G.

I love movies. I go to the movies at least once a week. I also love red carpet. And celebrity gossip. So you can imagine, when red carpet season comes along (January-February), I am one giddy girl. It all kicks off with the Golden Globe awards. I like to relate this to the Playoffs in football leading up to the Superbowl (i.e. The Academy Awards a.k.a. The Oscars). The Golden Globes aired Sunday night so Bear and I printed out ballots and placed our bets. At one point during the three-hour broadcast, I was up by two but then Slumdog Millionaire came and swept the final categories, bringing Brian up for a final score of 17 of 27 and I 16 of 27. So now I have to eat a steak and take him to a movie. I have never eaten a steak in my life. Oh and Cheesecake, which I'm not as worried about. I'm sure there will be a post dedicated just to my steak experience. BTW, if you have not yet seen Slumdog Millionaire, please go. After all, it did win Best Picture, Best Original Screenplay and Best Score.

What G was next?

Oh yes, Gossip Girl. Did you watch?? How that show was NOT nominated for a Golden Globe amazes me. Mad Men, psh. They don't have Chuck Bass.

Golden Spoon. Is delicious. I get on kicks and I picked up some last night to enjoy at Bears for our GG hour. Chocolate and vanilla with snickers topping. A girl couldn't be happier.

Oh yes, last but certainly not least...for those of you who have the iPhone, please download the app Toy Camera. Totally worth the buck ninety nine. I took some photos of my muse, Sir Gordon, to show you. Enjoy :)

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