Thursday, January 8, 2009


I heart Gossip Girl. I never thought that a show could top LOST but I think this one may have with these past two seasons. It's like a younger version of Sex and the City, with just as much sass and sex. The ads above should explain that.

Seriously, if you don't watch this show now...I suggest you make a point to in 2009. That's right, I'm actually suggesting you make it your New Year's resolution to start watching Gossip Girl.

Want a second opinion? Here, the brilliant minds over at New York Magazine agree with me and tagged it the Best. Show. Ever. Read this, now (please).

(special thanks to Chloe for helping me finally figure out the link issue!)

When you do start watching, make sure that the next day, you religiously go visit The Daily Intel over at NY Magazine. They do a reality vs. not-so-reality comparison that really is just plain genius.

I've got Bear hooked and it only took three episodes, even though he paused every 5 seconds to ask the background on the characters...but still, worth it to have him understand when I say "No, I can't go out tonight, there is a new GG episode on." Or him knowing that opening the OMFGG (Original Music Featured on Gossip Girl) as one of my Christmas gifts would make me squeal like the 15-year-old girls on the show.

Call it a guilty pleasure, call it a way of life...whatever you've got to do but give it at least two episodes...or rent the first season on DVD...and tell me you're not totally OMG hooked.

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