Thursday, February 3, 2011

What Saturdays Look Like Now

Have you guys seen my new backyard?

For the past few weeks, Cousin Andy and I have been planning on going up to ski/ride. But now that I actually get to PICK AND CHOOSE my days - I shoot for ideal (aka spring-like) conditions. The first weekend I was sick so that was a no-go, the second weekend was cold and windy so that was a definite no-go but this weekend....38 and sunny. Sign me up. We're going riding, kids.

I met eager-beaver Andy at 7 a.m. in Evergreen so we could ride together up to Winter Park. He was a peach (as always) and had picked up Einstein bagels and coffee for us and we then took one of the prettiest drives of my life up the mountain.

Come to find out, Winter Park is a little more skier friendly than it is snowboarder. Andy made the switch back to skiing last Winter and his friend had done the same, and I realize that it's easy to forget how difficult it is to go DIAGONAL across a mountain on a board rather than with skis and poles. I'd been considering making the switch myself as I skied from age 3-18 before making the trendy switch to a board and have never been as strong on a board as I was on a pair of skis. I was a mogul maniac back in the day. Now, I won't go near those things with a 10 foot pole (or board). I figure sometime this season, I'll get back on a pair of skis to see how it goes.

But I digress, after sharing my feelings of frustration with Andy, we made a few changes in our trails and I ended up having a fantastic day of riding. The sun was shining, I only ate it twice getting off the lifts, and according to Andy's watch calculations, we got over 9 miles taken care of that day. Not to mention the breathtaking views. Winter Park gets you above tree-line, providing magnificent views like this...

A little Kanye in my ears, a little Katie on a board, and a whole 'lotta mountain made for one hell of a Saturday morning.


Tiffanie said...

Super fun!

X said...

Wow. Gorgeous. Learning how to ski/snowboard is still on my bucket list. Yes, a former Utahn just wrote that. When I visit in 2012 we'll have to do it, sister!