Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What Mondays Look Like Now

So I am on the job hunt, I really am. But there is only so much a girl can do. So, the rest is left to entertainment.

I got a few really great going away gifts before I left Vegas. One was an oven-mit/ice scrapper hybrid from Xazmin, along with a bottle of Kate Spade perfume that is appropriately named Sparkle and reads "She had a cocktail in her hand and confetti in her hair." Another was a FABULOUS gold sparkle iPhone case from Arlene that screams a rich combination of Katie + Vegas, and one that I get compliments (really more like a "wow, that's fancy?") on all the time.

But, no gift could top what my PY, Audrey, gave to me. Along with a heartfelt note that ended with "Runaway as fast as you can....." came a tutu and ballerina slippers. If you know me, with my love of Kanye West and my belief in the ballerina comeback....you know that this gift was perfection.

Linzi happens to not have class on Mondays. So, this is what last Monday looked like...

Enjoying champagne cocktails in a tutu with pearls with a B.F.F. by my side, I am here to tell you, kids....dreams do come true.


X said...

That's a hell of a lot better than what my Mondays look like. Damn, wish I woulda had the tutu idea. Props to Audrey. ... I hope you poured out a little champagne for your homies in Vegas. :)

Renee Losey said...

Enjoy those Mondays while you can! with all of those interviews coming up (you know you will have like 5 jobs to choose from), you will back to the grind in no time :) PS, how were the cookies? As amazing as I remember them being?

katiek said...

X, I will always pour out a little for all my homies in Vegas. I miss you ladies like CA-RA-ZAY! Eener, I love your support. And I am sure once I am back in the grind, I will miss being out of the grind almost as much as I miss you guys. Um the cookies were as MINDBLOWINGLY DELICIOUS as we remembered. I am sure they're in Vegas by now - feed Max one for me. LOL!