Sunday, February 20, 2011


As of today, I have officially lived in Colorado for seven weeks. I've become nice and settled in at the Wicklers, spent lots of quality time with my cousins, hunted some bucks in Morrison, dined in Golden, visited the Granquists in Evergreen, took to the slopes at Winter Park, threw one helluva Superbowl party, ate at Sexy Pizza, shoveled a deck, visited the Beauty Bar, looked at apartments in Capitol Hill, took Gordon on a muddy walk, revisited 1999 while seeing the Get Up Kids where I found out mosh pits still exist, spent a few happy hours at Tavern Uptown, saw George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic with old SK+G friends, played more than a few games of Cranium and have had a few bottles of wine in between.

It's good. I am happy. I know that moving here was the best thing I could have done for myself at 27 because although it feels like I am idling here now as I wait to land that dream job, I was really idling in Vegas.

But homesickness has finally started to set in. I cried for Vegas for the first time this week. It was during a drive home up 285, I had spent the afternoon at Linhart PR's Inside Scoop, met a new friend in Boulder for drinks and stopped to pick up Girl Scout Cookies from Hailey. And all of a sudden, it hit me. I missed home.

I think the shine of being out of work has warn off. I was the girl who was always going 90 miles a minute in Vegas. If you wanted to grab lunch, we had to plan it for two weeks in advance. I was always taking on too much at once and I longed for days where I would just lay around all day catching up with the Kardashians. Now, those days are called Mondays.

I am ready to work. Come to find out, early retirement is not for me. I'm hungry to write some releases, pitch some stories and tweet for someone other than myself. I am ready to get up every morning early enough to catch the Matt and Meredith portion of the Today Show instead of Kathy Lee and Hoda (although I have been enjoying that wacky pair). I want to put on make-up and dress pants and walk in to an office. I want to find that company I want to give another five years (plus) of my life to. I want to make friends over after work drinks.

But until that phone call comes, it'll be champagne Mondays, episodes of Ellen and days with the dogs between sending out applications and cover letters.

Oh, and a trip home.

Vegas, I'll be there March 2 - 8. I cannot wait to reunite with your people, your lights and your restaurants.

See you soon.


X said...

We can't wait, either, girlfriend. Although the timing isn't awesome (for me), we'll make it happen! Loved the Hoda and Kathie Lee comment. Matt and Meredith put them to shame!
Don't get down about the retirement period. Try and savor it cuz you know you're gonna hate your alarm clock soon. :)

Stacy Hamilton said...

You'd better carve out some time to see me while you're here. I know you have lots of cooler people to see, but I'd better be somewhere on the list. Miss you like crazy!!!!!!!

Pep said...

First dibs. Sorry, you two!

Renee Losey said...

Me too! This mama will need a night on the town. It is LONG overdue and there is no one else I'd love to spend my reintroduction to a night life than you, Knochers <3

Asian Spice said...

Girl, this early retirement thing isn't going to last so savor it while you can! Like X said, you'll be pressing snooze soon enough! I can't wait to see you soon. Love you lots!!!

eflippin said...

Aww, hang in there girly! Sounds like you're having fun and if there's a time to do it... it's now! We've got forever to work!! :)