Tuesday, September 9, 2008

VMA 2008: Re-Cap

The MTV's VMA's have always been my favorite awards show. I was lucky enough to live it live last year. This year I snuggled up on the couch with Sir Gordon, some cheese and a bottle of Pinot Noir. I tried not to get too excited about the much-buzzed about Britney opening and PY was a little disappointed that she held the mic directly in front her face so you couldn't see her mouth but I explained to her that it's just because she's used to the headphone microphone. Russell Brand was "OK", I expected more and I keep trying to figure out why MTV has become obsessed with having British VJ's within the past year. I digress.

Brit Brit had been nominated 16 times for a VMA and had never won. However, she SWEPT this year with a total of three wins including Video of the Year. I thought Larry Rudolf was going to break into tears and she seemed very humbled. It may have been a confidence boost from the network that exploited her for so long but I like to believe that most people want to see her make a comeback.

I'm not sure if you know this, but The Jonas Brothers are Gordon's favorite band and he was kind of let down by their performance of LoveBug. Made him kind of sleepy in fact. Though he did get excited when they pumped it up a bit and all the kids rushed the stage.

Lil' Wayne REALLY needs to do something about his pant sagging.

My friend Chris suggested he visit this site in fact http://tightsag.wordpress.com/

Tokio Hotel creeps me out. I would include an image of them here but I don't even want them on my blog.

Kanye closed the show this year with a performance of his new song "Love Lockdown" which reminded me of The Olympics. He did well on his own which I was happy with since I was not able to be there to perform with him this year. I really like the new song. Notice the heart on his jacket is breaking for me.

Overall, I would rate these VMA's with a B+.

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