Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Tambourine Girl

For the past few years, I've wanted to get a tambourine. If you know me, you know I have very little rhythm but has it ever stopped me from dancing? No. So why would I let it stop me from playing the tambourine?

On Sunday afternoon, Michael told me he had a present for me. As he walked in, jingles jinglin', I knew that my dream was coming true. From that day on, I'd be a tambourine girl.

I've got big plans with my tambourine - soon to be totally decked out in ribbons. It's only a matter of time until that leather handle is nice and broken in. We're (yes, me and my tambourine) are even hitting the road this weekend - Steamboat here we come. First stop on the tour.

So next time you see me, feel free to ask me to play you a song. I can't promise it will carry a tune but I can promise to make you smile. 

It certainly makes me smile.

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