Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Colorado : One Year Anniversary

January 9, 2012 officially marked one year since I arrived to the state of Colorado. The day before, of course, marked the day that I left Las Vegas - and you know me, I'm always looking for a reason to celebrate. Everything is an event, and this - the one year anniversary of the Great Kate Escape - would be no different.

The original plan was to ice skate and have an Italian (see: wine-filled) dinner at JJ Madwell's but in Colorado form, the forecast called for snow on Saturday - making the outlook on the trip up to Evergreen/Pine less than desirable (hey, I may be one year in but that still doesn't mean I like driving in the snow).

So, we called in Plan B - as in Broncos.

In case you've been sleeping - the Broncos played the Steelers this past Sunday in the first round of the AFC playoffs. The Wicklers, with Michael in tow, came down the hill and we headed to the Irish Snug for a little Sunday game watching action - which turned out to be a total understatement of the word action.

This Sunday turned in to quite the celebration - not only for my one year, and not only for the Broncos actually beating the Steelers in OT - but for the Tebowing Broncos tees that deserved a celebration all on their own. #hysterical

And now, we have something to wear this Sunday. Go, Broncos! 

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