Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fall Foliage

Sunday afternoon, Gord and I took a drive up to Pine, for a little doggie playtime and a little mommy mimosa time.

As we were taking the (long) drive up 285, I can't believe we didn't crash. You see, I've never really lived anywhere to witness the change of the seasons. Sure, I grew up in the Maryland and Pennsylvania area but when I was 7, I think I was way more concerned with jumping in to the leave pile than appreciating the true beauty of them being on the tree before the fall.

Eventually, I pulled over - for Gordon's safety - to take some photos (filter free) to share with you here because you should see this. 

If time (and weather) abides, I would love to get up to Rocky National Park or Aspen, to lie on my back and take in all the colors.

And yes, then jump in to a giant pile of leaves.

Happy fall, my babies.

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