Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Head and the Heart

 The Head and the Heart were the soundtrack to my summer. I had their self-titled in constant rotation from the beach to Vegas to the mountains - in fact, I cannot tell you how many times I listened to 'Down in the Valley' in the month of June. So when I found out they were performing at The Gothic on October 10 - that date immediately had hearts drawn around it in my moleskin datebook.

I have the tendency to set my expectations too high - this stands true to movies to boys to a few fallen friends to concerts (think Britney's return circa 2009). The Head and the Heart did not disappoint though - in fact, I would go as far to say that they exceeded expectations. That's right - exceeded expectations.

They harmonize in the most heavenly way. And luckily, Kristen and I met Andy and Angela there who totally scored the perfect spot - about third standing row in, with just enough room to sway and close enough to see that yes, they really are that good looking. And Charity (the girl in the group) was so adorably shy every time she was put on the spot to carry the song, that I wanted to just put her in my pocket and promise that she could just sing to me from there forever. Safe keeping and all.

Also, it's rare that I get there for the opening band - mostly just out of typical lateness - however, my new friend Sean, who's music taste I trust 100% got so excited when my response to him asking who was opening was "Umm - Thao and The Get Down - " he jumped in here, "Thao and The Get Down, Stay Down!???" NOOOO! Yes. He promised I would love her/them and so I made sure we arrived by 9 to catch them and wow so glad we did. I have a feeling that if HATH was summer - Thao and her-most-fun-name-for-a-band-ever will be fall.

And don't even get me started on the tambourines. OH THE TAMBOURINES. Just in case I wasn't sold on quitting my job, packing up Gordon in the Fiat (a girl can dream) and hitting the road as a tambourine girl - well, the HATH and Thao sold me on making that dream a reality last night.

So HATH, I hope it's not Rivers and Roads until I reach you again. See you on the road. With my tambourine.

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jenvegas said...

Never heard of them before! Thanks for introducing them to me. It is so lovely and mellow and wonderful music to listen to right before I pop into bed.