Thursday, June 9, 2011

Summer Slip-Ons (with a cause)

I've been a huge fan of TOMS since PY gave me my first pair five years ago. Not only are they stylish but also the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn. And more importantly, every time I press purchase, I know that I'm also putting a pair on a kid somewhere who has probably never even had a pair of shoes before.

So that is how I justify this problem. I recently ordered my sixth pair. It was the day they sent out their summer line announcement email and within 8 minutes, I had a new pair on the way. That's what we call #SUCKER.

But - seriously - how could I resist? I'd been dying for a pair of yellow TOMS for years now - and with the classic boat style reminding me of Carl Knoch...they just had to be mine.

They scream summer. Oh, the places we will go this summer, new TOMS. Starting with South Carolina this weekend for the Knoch Family Reunion.



Renee Losey said...


Sofies closet said...

Lovely shoes. You'd like to go see my blog?

Sofie from Denmark.

X said...

Glad TOMS got back to you after Arlene and I gave them a little shove. :) It's the same shade of yellow the queen wore to Kate's wedding!