Thursday, June 23, 2011

Living Moo(m)

A few months ago, I stayed at a the Hotel Monaco in LoDo, and fell in love with their faux-fur cow throw. Feeling inspired, I thought "wouldn't it be cool to have a cow chair?!" I have Pep's chair from 1974 which, at the time, was a green velvet that I had covered with a brown chair cover in Vegas, and I just dreamed up covering it in a cow print. Upon announcing this idea to Mr. Wickler, he exclaimed, "I could do that for you."

Now, if you know Josh, you know these words come out of his mouth quite often as he is a man of generosity, many talents and flat-out likes "projects". Come to find out, he used to reupholster furniture at a little shop in Denver so the man has this skill.

Little did I know, that it would turn out even better than I ever could have dreamed. Especially seeing as how he picked it up the day of my 28th birthday and returned it to me last night. It completes my living room, it is a total statement piece and I have already said that I am going to be that guy with his chair in a relationship - you know, the kind that won't give up the chair, it's got to make every move because it's my chair.

I've asked Josh to be a guest blog about his creation of my new favorite thing so look for that in the coming weeks. And his Etsy site and as long as we're going there, his show on HGTV because COME ON....look at this beaut.


Pep said...

That pays homage to the beautiful(but very traditional upholstery that lies another two layers least in spirit!! Awesome job, Josh!!

AsianSpice said...

Wow that is BEAUTIFUL! Well done!! Loving this!

Chloe said...

Very cool, it looks fantastic! And so very you :)