Thursday, December 9, 2010

What's On Your Mind?

...Apparently FOOD.

Thanks to Facebook's application of the moment, I compiled some of my status updates over the past year from Facebook.

And also thanks to this application, I am now super self-conscious about posting about food constantly. You can click the photo to enlarge and read more easily to see what I mean.

Katie Snacks A Lot


Asian Spice said...

Now we know who Gordon takes after! HA!

X said...

This is awesome. Mainly cuz I made the list, but also because of all the food references. Remember my little explosion at Shuck's when my food didn't come on time? If it was anything but food, I don't think I would've given a crapola. I know Asian Spice loves her grub, too. Benetton loves to binge! lol