Friday, December 10, 2010

Glow Party at Passion Pit

Last night, one of my favorite bands, Passion Pit, performed at House of Blues. I had heard mixed reviews about his performance at Cochella last spring but this was one dance party I couldn't pass up.

Arlene picked up the glow action for us, I got the tickets, and the date was set. Have you ever heard the one about the Wide Mouth Frog? If not, ask Pep to tell you it the next time you see her.

Michael, the lead singer, has a mouth SO LARGE that the only thing I could think of every time he opened his wide mouth was that damn joke! But I digress....Michael was hitting high notes that would make Mariah Carey quit her day job and become a full-time mom.

And the party just did. not. stop. I am EXHAUSTED from my hands being in the air like I just didn't care for the entire performance (and from holding that tall can of Bud Light prior to).

Oh and did I mention that the most-adorable-ever-on-the-planet Michael Cera was in the opening band last night? Yeah, he plays bass for Mister Heavenly. Look 'em up, they were actually really good! Although all of his adorableness was rather distracting, especially when he busted out a disposable camera.

But again...back to the dance party....Passion Pit = GOOD TIMES. Just be sure to wear your dancing shoes. And glow glasses.

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X said...

Did you used to go to raves?