Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Day Filled With Magic

I quit my job and went to Disneyland.

More info on the former coming soon but let's get to the happy/latter now - should we?

Lisa, Sam, Pep and myself arrived to the Disneyland gates around 9:30 this past Friday morning. I'd been counting down to this trip since July so my happiness was just bursting at the seams. As Pep pointed out, there was a new Disneyland Director in town and it happened to be yours truly.

I made the executive decision to start by getting Fast Passes at Indiana Jones and then hitting up Peter Pan's Flight before Fantasyland got too busy. I hadn't been on that ride in years as I could actually feel myself aging by just looking at the corkscrew line in years past. As "I'm flying!" played over the speakers, I felt a little like Tinkerbell and knew that the rest of the day would bring just as much joy.

We did a Park Hopper Pass so we spent the day between Disneyland and California Adventure and it went something like this...

Peter Pan's Flight. Matterhorn. Indiana Jones. Pirates of the Caribbean. Big Thunder Mountain. Break for beers at Downtown Disney. Soarin' Over California. Tower of Terror. California Screamin'. Ice Cream. Esmeralda's Prophesies. Wrapped with Captain EO. Really wrapped with vino.

There were a couple of favorites missing from that list (i.e. Space Mountain and Haunted Mansion) but that was due to the INSANE AMOUNT OF CROWDS that came around 6 p.m.

You know what made up for missing some of that action though? Watching a boy propose to his girl at the Happiest Place on Earth.

As we were walking out of Pirates, we passed the caricature area and I noticed that the artist was drawing the couple and out of the boy's mouth on the illustration were the words, "Will you marry me?" with the girl's speech bubble left blank. OMG OMG I turn to Lisa - this boy is about to propose! The artist has up a sign that reads "Shhhhh....please don't spoil the surprise!" So we stand watching, trying to contain our smiles. The father of the groom is there to videotape the entire process. As the artist finishes the photo - she turns it around to show the couple and the boy gets down on one knee. I DIE. The girl dies. Hands over the mouth, tears steaming down the face (all of ours) as she says yes.

So, so magical. Even though I do not know them, I was so happy to be a part of their engagement as the crowd started clapping and father of the groom was there to capture all of us celebrating the moment with them. As we walked passed, I wished them congratulations although I wanted to say more. I wanted to say that they reminded of how blissful true love can be and that I can't wait to be there, basking in its glory, like they were that day - and forever more.

In the meantime, I'll take a day at Disneyland.


Pep said...

It was a great day, Madame Director. You did a fine job of ensuring the magic kept keeping on!

Pep said...
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X said...

Dude, that brought tears to MY eyes, so I'm sure watching it go down was pretty awesome. What a cute/creative way to propose.

Love your Disneyland pics!