Friday, November 5, 2010

POC 24: What Would You Do With $10,000

$1,000 = Buy Tom's Shoes for my top 20 favorite people (good pts for shoeing children in need)

$200 = Buy the other 4 pairs of Tom's currently on my wishlist (shoeing another 4 children)

$500 = Treat myself, my family and a few friends, to dinner at Joe's Stone Crab with a bottle of Fairhill Down Sauvignon Blanc

$400 = Season Pass for snowboarding in CO

$2,000 = Pay off Gordon's surgery

$1,000 = Shopping spree at H&M

$1,000 = Donate to NSPCA

$3,000 = Invest

$900 = Purchase iPads for me and Pep


Wow. That went fast!
Oh and I would buy you a cup of my new favorite flavor at Yogurtland, Snowflake Mint.

1 comment:

Pep said...

Thank, Honey!! Can't wait for the iPad!