Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Lighting of the Cacti

Otherwise known as Katie's Crazy Cactus

For the past 5 years, I have been proud to be part of an annual Vegas holiday tradition...the Ethel M Cactus Lighting Event. This year, the event took place on a magical little Tuesday (the 16th) and was covered by what was that? Oh yes, all 4 of the local TV stations in Vegas.

So it was pretty much the biggest thing that went down in town this week (if you ask me). I am so lucky to work with such a great team, both here at SK+G and over at Ethel M.

If you get a chance - you should definitely go check the Holiday Cactus Garden out over at Ethel M (2 Cactus Garden Drive in Henderson at the corner of Sunset and Mountain Vista). It is now open to the public through January 1 and this year it's in - wait for it, wait for it.....3-D!!! I know - that just blew your mind.

You can thank yours truly for that one after I visited the Denver Botanic Gardens last year, I came back to share the idea with Ethel M and BAM -in the words of Arlene Bordinhao- we made it happen.

For all of us believers, Santa is out there every Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening with local choirs performing on Fridays and Saturdays throughout the season. The lights go on at dusk and stay on until 10 pm nightly.

And in case THAT didn't sell you....there's Peppermint Bark.


X said...

Wow. That really looks dope. And, so do you, my friend, in that red and black number.

Arlene said...

You make it happen girl! <3 it!