Thursday, July 29, 2010

For Pep

Pep is one of my very best friends. We laugh. We eat. We drink. We fight. I tell her things that sometimes I wish I hadn't. But then realize I just can't help it. We just have that kind of bond.

I am lucky enough to have the kind of relationship with my mom where I can call her and when she says, 'What's up?' I can say 'Nothin'. Just callin.'

Which happens about 3 times a day.

The rest of the time is filled with such things as...

Movie Sundays. Dog walks. HGTV. Wine. Shopping. Airport trips. Phone calls. Disneyland. Pittsburgh. The Bachelor. Cards from summers at Dads. Lost. Secrets. Ogling over babies. Wreath decorating. Flap. Photos. Napa Valley. Pepisms. Egg hunts. Noodles. Driving to get Gordie. Heartbreaks. Gossip. Halloween costumes. Orchids. Reading. Paper machete turkeys. Cupcakes. Mother/Daughter nights w/ the Bruners. Games. Hypnotism for picky eating. Cookie baking. Tap dance. Laughs. Patience. Understanding. Best friends. Trust. Love.

Ma, you do so much for me - I am forever grateful and can't wait to continue to grow up with you by my side. Thank you for this blessed life. Words could never repay.

Just remember that I will always love you more than Owlie loves his mom.

Happy Birthday.


Pep said...

Thank you, honey...I'm bawling right now or I would call to tell you that.....

X said...

Pep, Pep, Hooray! Pep, Pep, Hooray! ... What a sweet post for your mama. ... Who's Owlie?